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Exporting Basics

This practical guide to exporting is for new and less experienced exporters. It starts with the initial question -- "Is Exporting for Me?" - and moves on to the fundamentals, procedures and available tools for "Developing Overseas Markets" and "Making Export Sales".
Is Exporting for me? is aimed at non-exporting companies thinking about exporting. It deals with the fundamentals of exporting, how to get started, and where to go for help. It compares exporting to domestic marketing, explores reasons why more companies don't export, explains what it takes to export, and discusses benefits, costs and risks of exporting.
Developing Overseas Markets is aimed at export-ready companies seeking new or additional markets and customers. It gives 5 key steps to (1) plan for export; (2) identify and select promising markets; (3) determine entry strategies for each market; (4) increase market exposure abroad; and (5) find interested and qualified overseas buyers and distributors.
Making Export Sales is aimed at companies that want to turn export opportunities into actual sales. It describes 6 key steps in a typical export transaction, from (1) responding to general and specific inquiries; (2) checking out the prospects; (3) preparing the goods for delivery; (4) complying with documentary and regulatory requirements; (5) shipping the goods; and (6) getting paid.
1. Is Exporting for me?
  What Is Exporting?
  Export Prerequisites
  Myths About Exporting
  Benefits of Exporting
  Costs of Exporting
  Risks of Exporting: How Can I Reduce Them?
  Assess Your Export Potential
2. Developing Overseas Markets
  Develop Export Market Plan
  Identify / Select Target Markets
  Determine Market Entry Strategies
  Increase Market Exposure Abroad
  Find Overseas Buyers and Distributors
3. Making Export Sales
  Respond to Inquiries
  Check Out Prospects
  Prepare Goods for Delivery
  Comply with Trade Requirements
  Deliver the Goods
  Get Paid
Appendix: Resources and Tools for Exporters
  Export Start-up Aids
  Trade Reference Resources
  Market Research & Planning Tools
  Matchmaking Aids
  Sales Aids
  Documentation & Regulatory Aids
  Trade Finance Aids

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