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The Centers for International Trade Development provide California businesses with a number of programs and services designed to help companies succeed in the international business arena.

Technical Assistance - Small- and medium-sized companies are able to take advantage of free and/or low cost matchmaking delegations to access foreign markets in the form of one-on-one consulting in the following areas:

  • International Trade Readiness Assessment
  • Internationalizing Your Business Plan
  • Import/Export Strategy Development
  • Country/Industry Specific Research
  • Market Plan Development
  • Accessing Foreign Markets and Matchmaking
  • Trade Leads
  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Distribution Channels
  • Managing Cultural Differences
  • Legal Issues in International Business
  • Trade Financing and Letters of Credit
  • Transportation, Shipping and Logistics
  • Export Documentation

International Trade Data and Resources - Housed within every CITD office are a number of resources ideal for researching international markets and trade statistics. From computer databases, to import/export manuals, to statistical guidebooks, the CITD trade libraries offer a wealth of information that can be accessed at no charge.

Web Based Resources - In addition to the various resources available through the CITD trade libraries, companies and individuals can access a number of different resources available through the CITD web site. Newcomers to international business should try the Export Readiness Assessment, or view the Export Basics and Export FAQs. Companies already engaged in international business should take advantage of the Export Internet Search Wizard, Trade Information Database, or Trade Resources sections. In addition, businesses can also post their trade opportunities or search through other leads in the CITD Trade Directory.

International Trade Missions - Each year hundreds of companies participate in CITD organized trade missions to a variety of international destinations. Accompanied by CITD staff and local partners, companies are escorted to numerous global locations, learning about the business environment and culture at first hand. In addition, participants on the trade missions are then introduced with potential business partners in that country and are allowed to discuss business opportunities with or without CITD assistance.

Trade Shows - Through the various partnerships developed around the world, the CITDs are able to provide clients access and support in attending international trade shows and exhibitions. Whether it be accompanying businesses to a show in a foreign country or providing low-cost options, such as catalog shows, the CITDs will assist companies in choosing the right trade show and work with them towards a successful outcome.

Training and Education - The CITDs offer a large variety of training and educational programs in international business and trade. For more information on the various programs offered, please visit the Training and Education section of the website.

Trade Events and Conferences - Along with the various training and educational programs offered, the CITDs play host to a number of events and conferences throughout California on a variety of topics related to International Trade. For more information on these, and other CITD sponsored events, please visit the Events section of the website.

Internships - An excellent opportunity for college and university students, the CITD internship programs offer participants with a hands-on learning experience. Students participating in the CITD internship programs gain a unique perspective by learning about the different aspects of international trade by working directly with CITD staff. For more information on internships with the CITD, please contact the CITD office nearest you.

Access to Technology - CITD offices provide the latest in high tech innovation available to its clients. Along with access to various electronic databases and research tools, most CITD are equipped with or have access to video-conferencing equipment. This low-cost option to travel allows CITD clients to meet face-to-face with partners in foreign countries and develop those important relationships necessary for success. In addition to video-conferencing technology, the CITDs are also able to offer, as part of their training and education programs, distance-learning programs for companies interested in customized training programs.

Doing Business in Mexico - Companies doing business with Mexico will benefit from the cooperative relationship between the CITD and the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Centers (CMTAC). The CMTACs are a service of the CITDs and assist companies interested in or already doing business with Mexico. Each CMTAC office (17 throughout California) provides a number of services with a focus on trade with Mexico, including technical support, training and various other programs. For more information on the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Centers or to locate an office near you, please visit www.cmtac.org.

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