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About Us

The Centers for International Trade Development (CITD) are funded through the California Community Colleges, Economic and Workforce Development Program (EWD)www.cccewd.net the premier provider of economic and workforce programs in California; which includes strategic units for Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, Manufacturing Technologies, Advance Transportation, Multimedia & Entertainment, Small Business, Health Occupations. The CITDs are the strategic unit for international trade and assist thousands of companies annually in conducting international business.

With 14 offices throughout California, each CITD is hosted by a local community college and provides a variety of free or low-cost programs & services to assist local companies in doing business abroad. These include one-on-one technical assistance and consulting, market research, training and educational programs, trade leads and special events.

As a community focused agency, the CITDs have developed numerous strategic partnerships with other associations and agencies, both locally and globally. Working closely with such organizations allows the CITD to gain access to additional resources and offer more programs, and extend its already powerful network of support around the world.

CITD strategic partners include:

  • California Commission on Jobs & Economic Growth
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)
  • United States Department of Commerce (USDOC)
  • Local and Regional Chambers of Commerce
  • Industry Associations
Working directly with the CITDs are the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Centers (CMTAC). In cooperation with the efforts of the CITDs, the CMTACs provide a host of services designed to assist companies with doing business Mexico, California’s number one trading partner. For more information on the California-Mexico Trade Assistance Centers, please visit www.cmtac.org.

CITD Statewide Initiative – For central statewide collaborative efforts, the CITD has a statewide initiative business may contact in addition to local CITD offices. For more information please contact:

Jeffrey Williamson
CITD Statewide Director
California Community College's Economic and Workforce Development Program
14745 Riverside Drive
Riverside, CA 92518
Phone 951-571-6443
Fax 951-653-1051

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