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This Directory of California Trade Assistance Organizations & Trade Specialists will help you find and contact the statewide organizations and experts best equipped to meet your trade assistance needs. The California Trade Partners (CTP) network comprises 11 statewide trade assistance organizations ? federal, state and non-profit ? each staffed with highly experienced international trade specialists. All the partner organization provide services to help clients start and grow their export or import businesses. Each also has experienced directors and staff ? many that are bi-or multi-lingual and are specialists in particular industries, geographic regions, or programs and services.

The Search Listings option may be used to search for the California organizations or individual trade specialists that can best meet your needs for assistance.
Search for Organizations by any combination of

  • Name of organization
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  • Type of export assistance (19 options)
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  • Topic of trade training (14 options)
Search for Trade Specialists by any combination of
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The Add Professional Listing option is to be used solely by CTP trade specialists to create their professional Profile. This Profile provides contact information, lists their areas of expertise, and allows for a Bio and photo.