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Develop Export Readiness

Most U.S. manufacturers do not export. Although many have exportable products, they are not yet export ready; i.e., they lack the necessary resources, knowledge and skills to export successfully. The Internet offers a wealth of tools to assess and develop company export readiness.

Export Readiness Assessments - The Export Readiness Assessment System (ERAS) provides a customized export assessment and diagnosis, based on a company's answers to 23 questions about its present operations, attitudes and products. ERAS provides immediate feedback in the form of an export readiness "score," a detailed assessment of the company's export readiness, and suggested next steps to improve export capability and performance.

Export Guides - Exporting Basics, and Export FAQs cover all aspects of exporting, including the how-to's of market analysis, planning, distribution, pricing, promotion, financing and logistics. Other useful guides include:

  • A Basic Guide to Exporting
  • Small Business Guide to Exporting: Breaking into the Trade Game
  • Doing Business Internationally ?? Resource Handbook for the Transport Industry
  • Agriculture Export Guide
  • How to Become a Successful Export Agent

Trade Reference Aids-- Exporters need to be familiar with the terminology used in international trade and the various coding systems to classify products for tariff and statistical purposes.

To look up codes for specific products, see:

  • Commodity Translation Wizard ?? A concordance that translates an 8-digit or 10-digit HTS item number into its corresponding SIC, SITC or NAIC code number; or an SIC, SITC or NAIC classification code number into its corresponding 8-digit and 10-digit HTS item numbers. 
  • SITC Codes ?? drill down to find the SITC code for a specified product, up to 5 digits.
  • Schedule B Export Codes ?? search by keyword or browse through categories to find 10-digit Schedule B number for specific products.
  • NAICS Translator -- identifies NAICS codes and correlates them with the previously used SIC codes.

To look up unfamiliar international trade terms and acronyms, see Glossary of International Trade Terms & Acronyms. It provides definitions and explanations of hundreds of common and not so common international business and global trade terms. It also includes acronyms and commonly used trade abbreviations.

Incoterms are particularly important in international trade. These shorthand terms, developed by the International Chamber of Commerce, are used in price quotations and foreign trade contracts to define which parties incur costs and when. For a complete list of INCOTERMS, including responsibilities of the parties, see Incoterms 2000.


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