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Exporting Basics Appendix

APPENDIX: Internet Export Guide

This on line Guide describes 10 basic export needs and provides direct access to specific Internet resources, tools, programs and services to meet each need.

1. Develop Export Readiness. Many companies with export potential do not export, partly for lack of the necessary resources, knowledge and skills. The Internet offers a wealth of tools to assess and develop company export readiness.

2. Identify "Best" Markets. The Internet is a rich source for trade statistics, market research and other information to help identify the best markets for a specific product.

3. Develop Market Entry Strategies. Effective market entry strategies must take into account the different opportunities, business practices, cultures and regulations in each target country. The Internet contains a wide range of economic, demographic, intercultural, and regulatory information needed to determine the best distribution, promotion, pricing, and localization strategies for any given market.

4. Develop Trade Contacts/Leads. Exporters cannot survive on unsolicited business. They must aggressively seek and pursue potential buyers and distributors. The Internet is an exploding source of trade contacts and specific trade opportunities, including directories of potential agents/distributors, sources of "rep-find" services, and guidelines for screening and selecting suitable reps.

5. Advertise & Promote Abroad. Exporters that aren't known abroad attract no business, so exposure is a must. The Internet is a low cost, global promotional medium. Exporters with a Web presence can be seen almost anywhere in the world without high-cost direct marketing or media ads. The Internet also links to more targeted promotional media, such as international trade shows and trade and industry journals with global outreach.

6. Respond to Inquires & Orders. An export sale often starts with an inquiry, solicited or unsolicited. The Internet includes helpful hints on how best to respond to general inquiries and specific requests for quote.

7. Comply with Trade Requirements. Exporters must comply with a host of documentary and regulatory requirements to get their goods out of their own country and into the importing country. The Internet can help identify and explain these requirements.

8.Prepare and Deliver the Goods. Export goods must arrive intact, in good condition, on time, and in compliance with any laws. The Internet identifies sources and describes requirements and procedures for packing, marking, labeling, insuring, and transporting export goods.

9. Get Paid. Exporters want prompt and secure payment for their goods, but also need to offer competitive terms that may involve more risk. The Internet offers guidance on payment methods and terms from least to greatest risk, as well as sources of trade finance and credit insurance.

10. Get Help. The Internet is an exhaustive medium for export query and communication. Whatever the question or need, some organization, some service or some individual can help.


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