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Exporting Basics Appendix

APPENDIX: Export Market Plan Template

The Export Market Plan (EMP) template below can help each company develop a customized export development and market entry plan, with specific recommendations on target markets, prospective buyers and distributors, and effective export pricing, distribution and promotion strategies in each target market. The EMP provides a structure and step-by-step roadmap for the company. It has a three-part focus:

  • Available company resources, capabilities and potentials.
  • Overall strategic objectives and approach to develop markets, including product and market focus and whether to export directly or through a domestic intermediary.

  • Strategy and actions to effectively enter and penetrate specific target markets, including product, pricing, distribution and promotion strategies.

I. Executive Summary

II. Company Profile

A concise description of the company to include type of business (manufacturer, other), products supplied, when established, current location, # employees, organization structure and key managers

III. Current Export Status

1. Current export activity (as % of total sales):

2. Current export products and markets:

3. Ability to meet commercially acceptable international product standards:

IV. Product Focus for Export

A. Product 1:___________________________________________

1. Classification: HS# ____________ SITC# ___________

2.Product description & function:

3. Target customers/users:

4.Customary sales/distribution channels:

5. Customer support requirements for export:

    • Warranty & replacement policies:

    • Installation & maintenance:

    • User training:

    • Replacements/spare parts stocking:

    6.Available supply for export (units per month):

    ___________ currently available for export

    ___________ to be available for export as of __________

    V. Current Export Resources, Functions & Requirements

    A. Export Budget (last 3 years): ABC Co would be willing to commit up to $_______ per year for export. The company would also be willing to wait up to __ years to achieve acceptable export results.

    1999: $ _________ 2000: $ _________ 2001: $ __________

    B. Export Organization Structure & Reporting Hierarchy: Which unit has responsibility for the function; Where does it fit in the organization?

    C. Export Manager(s)/Sales Force: Who supervises the function; how experienced. How large and experienced is the staff?

    D. Export Functions Currently Performed (organization unit/persons assigned): How regularly is this function performed; what is done; how and by whom is it used?

    1. Market research, analysis and planning:

    2. Export marketing and promotion:

    3. Order taking & processing:

    4. Export documentation:

    5. Export finance/insurance:

    6. Shipping & delivery:

    VI. Export Market Strategy for 1999/2000

    A. Most Promising Markets:

    B. Target Market 1 (Repeat for each target market):

    1.Market Profile

      • Market overview:

      • Demand trends:

      • End user analysis:

      • Competitive analysis:

      • Import requirements and regulations:

      • Market compatibility:

      • Marketing & distribution practices:

      • Advertising and promotion media:

      • Potential business contacts:

      2. First Year Export Sales Goal: $__________

      3. Market Entry Strategy

        • Export Mode: (Whether to export directly or use domestic export representative)

        • Localization/adaptation:(Whether/how to adapt product, packaging, literature)

        • Distribution: (Whether to sell direct to buyer or use local rep, sales office, etc.)

        • Advertising & promotion: (Whether/how to promote and media to use)

        • Product pricing: (Base price and whether/how much to discount)

        • Export financing: (What payment terms/methods to use, for whom)

        • Product delivery: (What packing, labeling, shipping, storage needs/methods apply)

        4. Market Development Action Plan (milestones/dates)

        Develop marketing collateral: (Promotional materials, price lists, legal instruments, etc.)

        • Identify prospects in target markets: (Buyers, agents/distributors, licensees, etc.)

        • Select/appoint partners: (Conclude agent/distributor/other agreements)

        • Conduct marketing campaign: Advertising, trade shows, business visits)

        • Evaluate results: (apply to ongoing strategic review)

        VII. First-Year Export Budget

        A. Pre-Export Working Capital: $__________

        B.Market Research: $__________

        C. Sales & Distribution: $__________

        Market Promotion: $__________

        Market Adaptation: $__________

        Total: $__________


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