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CE Mark Basisc
Using the CE Mark to Increase Your Sales to Europe What is the CE Mark? All U.S. and other manufacturers wishing to market their products in the European Union (EU) must meet the EUís CE mark requirements where applicable. The CE mark certifies that a product has met EU health, safety, and environmental requirements to ensure consumer and workplace safety. Once a manufacturer has earned a CE mark for its product, it may affix the CE mark to its product, and then the product may be marketed throughout the EU without having to undergo further modifications in each member state. The CE mark now provides product access to 25 countries with a population of 430 million. Does my product require a CE Mark? While there is no comprehensive list of products that require a CE mark, most machinery, electric/ electronic products, pressure equipment, medical devices, and toys require the mark.  

Global Matchmaking Reception at NAB2005
The NAB 2005 Global Matchmaking Reception, your opportunity to meet with international buyers attending NAB 2005. For the 5th year in a row, the NAB Global Matchmaking Reception has brought together export-minded U.S. Companies together with NAB international attendees in a trade show venue. More than 90 U.S. electronic media companies have met with over 1500 foreign buyers in this informal setting - perfect for meeting prospects! For more information goto nabgmr.com

Or contact:
Dan Bjerk, (602) 640-2513 ext 15, Phoenix USEAC
Mark Matsumoto, (949) 752-7696, CITD National Coordinator
Bev Stehli, (916) 563-3200, CITD Sacramento Region
Brittany Whiting, (408) 494-0246, CITD San Jose & Bay Area Region
Ann Martines, (626) 334-0484, CITD Los Angeles Region
Robert Corona, (951) 571-6443, CITD Inland, Orange, and San Diego Region


NAFTA & Foreign-Trade Zone Seminar
Learn how to accurately complete the NAFTA Certificate of Origin; NAFTA Rules of Origin and the Regional Value Content calculations; NAFTA country of origin markings; What is a foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)?; Can my company benefit from a FTZ?. Ask experts in the field specific questions regarding your products and services. Call (951) 571-6443 or NAFTA & Foreign-Trade Zone Seminar  

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