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The Internet is an exhaustive medium for export query and news. Whatever the question or need, some organization, some service or some individual can help. The following sources cover nearly every form of export assistance:

Export FAQs is a quick and convenient source of answers to commonly asked export questions. Over 70 questions are answered in 11 need-to-know categories.

The US Government offers a wide range of export assistance programs and services, and most state governments provide similar support to resident exporters. Government assistance focuses primarily on how-to counseling, trade information, matchmaking, trade promotion, and trade finance. At the Federal level, many different US agencies offer information or services of value to exporters. However, the Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA) and the Agriculture Department’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) have primary responsibility for US export assistance:

The National Export Directory (NED) lists all the major federal and state export assistance organizations. Use the NED to find an agency, office or counselor near you, or contact each source directly (see list below). For a comprehensive list and description of US Government programs and services, see A Business Guide to Federal Export Assistance .

A wide range of Internet news sources and trade periodicals can help keep you current and knowledgeable about global trade. Here are some that focus on international developments:

Daily News Feeds

  • Trade Compass Daily Brief
  • Trade Compass News Desk
  • FAS News Releases
  • Journal of Commerce On line


  • Export America (DOC Monthly)
  • Industry Trade & Technology Review
  • Trade Compass Monthly Gateway E-Magazine
  • ITC International Trade Forum 

Industry Publications

  • AgExporter Magazine
  • Agricultural Research Magazine
  • Agriculture Online
  • Export Aerospace News
  • Other Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Building Materials/Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Goods
  • International Petroleum Review
  • Other Energy
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Metals

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