If you are interested, or at least think you are, you may like to email or ask someone some questions that haven't been answered by the pages on this website. . To call one of us, here are our names, locations in the US, and phone numbers.

  • Dan Bjerk (Rocky Mountain States)
    Phoenix US Export Assistance Center, US DOC
    Phoenix, AZ
    Tel: 602-640-2513 ext 15
  • Sam Tsoming (Pacific Northwest)
    Seattle US Export Assistance Center, US DOC
    Seattle, WA
    Tel: 206-553-5615 ext 232
  • Mark Matsumoto
    Network International
    Newport Beach, CA
    Tel: 949-752-7696
  • Bev Stehli
    CITD Sacramento Region
    Tel: 916-563-3200
  • Brittany Whiting
    CITD San Jose & Bay Area Region
    Tel: 408-494-0246
  • Ann Martines
    CITD Los Angeles Region
    Tel: 626-334-0484
  • Robert Corona
    CITD Inland, Orange and San Diego Region
    Tel: 951-571-6443