Where International Buyers Meet Sellers at NAB 2005!

Welcome to the NAB 2005 Global Matchmaking Reception site...
your opportunity to meet international channel partners attending NAB 2005.

For the 5th year in a row, the NAB Global Matchmaking Reception has brought together export-minded U.S. companies together with NAB international attendees. Previous Global Matchmaking Receptions have brought together more than 90 U.S. electronic media companies and their table-top product displays with 1500 foreign buyers in an informal setting outside the show commotion - perfect for meeting new partners!
If you are seeking to sell internationally: We invite you to consider setting up a display at the reception to promote your products and services to the international attendees. Since this is the 5th year the Global Matchmaking Reception will be held, you can learn more about what international delegations to NAB 2005 are being invited, who attended in the past, who exhibited in the past, and also see pictures from past events by clicking on the buttons to the left. To learn more about the details of promoting your company at the 2005 reception, please click on the Registration Info button to the left.
If you are an international attendee seeking to find products or services: All international attendees to NAB are invited this FREE reception. In fact, if you are an international attendee, you should have received an invitation directly from NAB and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce. If for some reason you have not received one, please click on the Attendee Invitation button to the left for an invitation and plan on coming. You may also view the past exhibitors to see what types of companies have been present in the past. If you are seeking specific products or to meet specific companies please let us know and we'll certainly encourage them to be at the reception.
Past exhibitors and attendees have reported several new relationships and transactions resulting from past Global Matchmaking Receptions. So, come and join us for some food, drink and meet some prospective partners for mutually beneficial business discussions!