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Worldwide trade and economic data needed to track international trade flows by country assess economic conditions and assess and segment markets.
  California Trade/Economic Statistics
      California Exports to World and Specified Countries (annual update)
      California Exports by Product, to World & Specified Countries (annual update)
      California Exports Compared with Other States, by Country & Product (annual update)
      California: Exports, Jobs & Foreign Investment
      California Statistical Abstract, 2005
      California Employment Data
      Career Opportunity Reports
      California Opportunities in Logistics
      California - Manufacturing by Employment Size of Enterprise, 2001
      California Labor Market Information
      California Labor Market Information -- Data Library
      California's Global Gateways: Trends & Issues, 2004
      The Future of Manufacturing in California, 2005
      California Labor Market & Economic Analysis, 2007
      California Labor Market Review, 2007
      Guide to Doing Business in California