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Trade directories and specific trade lead to identify prospective suppliers buyers and distributors.
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      CITD Export Directory
      Thomas Register (Manufacturers)
      Thomas Global Register (Exporters)
      SBA Pro-Net SME Manufacturers
      MyExports - U.S.Exporters Yellow Pages
      Trade Attache Directory
      Commercial News USA (CNUSA) Exporter Directory
      FITA Directory of EMCs
      EDGAR Public Companies
      MacRAE's Blue Book
      Business.Com Directory
      Researching Companies On-Line
      Akama Directory of U.S. Businesses, by State
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      Chemicals & Products (ChemNet)
      Medical Devices (MedicalDeviceLink)
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      U.S. Renewable Energy Businesses, by State
      Biotechnology Information Directory
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      USDA/FAS Directory of U.S. Food & Agricultural Exporters
      California Agricultural Exporters Directory
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      California Business Search (Lookup)