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Trade/Investment Regulations
U.S. and worldwide laws and regulations affecting market access and compliance.
  Foreign Trade Laws & Regulations
    International Business Law & Practices
      International Trade Compliance Institute - Look up to Regs & FAQs
      International Commercial Contracts
      Legal Aspects of International Trade & Investment
      Money Laundering Regulations
      International and National Labor Law
      Legal Guides to Doing Business Internationally (Country-Specific)
      Lexmundi Guides to Doing Business, by Country
      Legal Guide to Doing Business in the EU
      Transparency International
    Non-Tariff Trade Controls
      International Trade Compliance Institute - Look up to Regs & FAQs
      Customs Clearance Procedures by Country
      National Trade Estimate Reports on Foreign Trade Barriers, 2008
      Market Access Sectoral and Trade Barriers Database (EU)
      FAS Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS)
      Mexico Maquiladora System
      ATA Carnet Information
      NAFTA Certificate of Origin Rules
    Marking Labeling & Packaging Requirements
      Canada And Mexico
      CE Mark for Medical Devices
      CE Marking System (CITRA)
      The CE Mark - Preparing Your Products
    Intellectual Property Rights
      Protect your Intellectual Property at Home & Abroad
      World Intellectual Property Organization
      U.S Patents & Trademarks Database
      Canadian Patent Database
      Canadian Trademarks Database
      German Patents Database
      Worldwide Patent Information Sources
      Intellectual Property on the Internet
      National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center
      U.S. Copyrights Office
      IPR Toolkit - Intellectual Property Rights in China
    International Standards
      International Standards Information
      NISO Standards Information
      ANSI Standards Activities Overview
      ISO Online
      Organizations Conducting Standards-Related Activities
    Tax & Accounting
      Ernst & Young
      International Tax Guides
      Survey of National Accounting Rules
      International Labor Law
      Country Briefs: Work Authorization /Visa Requirements