Trade Information Database

Trade/Investment Regulations
U.S. and worldwide laws and regulations affecting market access and compliance.
  U.S. Trade Laws & Regulations
      International Trade Compliance Institute - Look up to Regs & FAQs
      Intro to U.S. Export Controls - the Basics
      U.S. Export Administration Regulations
      Intro to U.S. Export Controls - Don't Let this Happen to You
      International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) Regulations
      Steps for Using the EAR
      Export Management System (EMS) Guidelines
      Commerce Control List Overview & the Country Chart
      ECCN Numbers - Alpha List
      ECCN Numbers - Numerical List
      Lists to Check for Export Licensing
      BIS Denied Persons List
      The Deemed Export Rule
      Export Penalties - Stairway To Hell
      Simplified Network Application Process (SNAP)
      NAFTA Rules of Origin (Chapter 4)
      NAFTA Interactive Certificate of Origin Tool
      NAFTA Regional Database
      Foreign Assets Control Regulations
      Exporting Medical Devices
      U.S. Agricultural Export Requirements
      Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
      Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Overview
      U.S. Anti-boycott Laws
      U.S. Import Requirements
      Legal Essentials of Importing
      U.S. Customs Regulations (U.S. Code)
      U.S. Customs Rulings
      Specific U.S. Import Requirements, by Product Group
      U.S. Agricultural Import Requirements
      U.S. Food Import Policy
      US Customs Clearance Procedures for Food & Livestock Items
      Textile & Apparel Import Quotas
      Importing Medical Devices
      U.S. Anti-Dumping Regulations
      U.S. Countervailing Duty Regulations
      Foreign Trade Zones - How They Work: FAQ
      Duty Drawback Basics
      Doing Business in the United States
      IRS Tax Information for International Businesses
      IC-DISC Tax Incentive for Exporters