CITD programs and services designed to help companies succeed in the international business arena include the following:

  • Individualized assistance to help existing companies and new ventures strategically evaluate and pursue international business opportunities - for exporting, importing, by industry or region of the world.
  • International business conferences, workshops and seminars designed to provide information and tools to help enterprises, and organizations capitalize on global business.
  • Training and Education - The CITDs offer a large variety of training and educational programs in international business and trade. For more information on the various programs offered.
  • International Trade Information and Reference resources - the Trade Informaiton Database offers a wealth of information that can be accessed at no charge
  • International matchmaking services to include introducing California companies to potential trading partners through overseas trade missions, hosting of inbound delegations and trade leads distribution Events

  • International Trade Missions - Each year hundreds of companies participate in CITD organized trade missions to a variety of international destinations. Accompanied by CITD staff and local partners, companies are escorted to numerous global locations, learning about the business environment and culture at first hand. In addition, participants on the trade missions are then introduced with potential business partners in that country and are allowed to discuss business opportunities with or without CITD assistance.

  • Trade Shows - Through the various partnerships developed around the world, the CITDs are able to provide clients access and support in attending international trade shows and exhibitions. Whether it be accompanying businesses to a show in a foreign country or providing low-cost options, such as catalog shows, the CITDs will assist companies in choosing the right trade show and work with them towards a successful outcome.
  • Assist community colleges in internationalizing their curricula and developing specialized programs and courses in international trade.