How to submit your application

Complete our JD US Select Registration Form.

In addition to company and sales information, you will need to upload product literature (including photos) and provide pricing. After the application is approved, you will get confirmation from the team and will then be asked to provide extra bank and legal representative information for online registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which product categories are being recruited for the U.S. Select Store?

    • Health and beauty (cosmetics, hair care, nail care, skin care), vitamins and other health supplements
    • Healthy food products – (non-perishable)
    • Pet products
    • Baby Products
    • Other “California Lifestyle” products – this is a broader category that includes products that have an association with California (including but not limited to fashion, household goods, sporting goods, surf, entertainment, environmentally conscious, etc.)
  • Who is eligible to set-up a U.S. Select Store?

    A U.S. based company manufacturing or packaging a branded product.
  • Are sellers required to have registered trademarks?

    Participating U.S. Select Store companies must have registered U.S. trademarks or submit a registration to the USPTO within 6 months of joining the U.S. Select store. It is also advised sellers also consider registering their trademark and domain names in China before start sales on the Jd.Com platform.
  • How are prices set?

    You are responsible to provide your target retail price, may provide feedback on competitive pricing, based upon products that are selling – to promote sell through. Generally speaking, the price for any single product or bundle should be $20 or more.
  • How does a seller managing inventory and shipments on the platform? has integrated a Los Angeles based 3PL(a bonded warehouse) to manage US Select Store inventory and shipments.
  • How often does a participating company need to replenish store inventory? will alert participating companies when inventory begins to draw down and suggest replenishment amounts. Participating stores will need the ability to rapidly refill inventory-as needed. Unlike a traditional export shipment it is essential that inventory does not completely draw down in the warehouse.
  • How is my product promoted on the U.S. Select Store? is the largest pure e-commerce platform in China and has millions of users and daily views. The U.S. Select stores will be actively promoted and featured within the website.
  • How does my company get paid?

    U.S. Select Store participants will be paid after the close of each accounting cycle (monthly) on As sales volumes grow, payment reconciliation accelerates.
  • If my product has not been sold in China previously, can I sell on the JD. Com Select Store?

    Yes! In fact, the Select Store actively seeks out successful products in the U.S. that are not currently being sold in China cross border e-commerce.

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Funded in part through a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration.