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Center for International Trade Development (CITD)
California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC)


The CITD and CMTAC offer a wide range of practical export-import training to increase core competency in market research, analysis and planning; Internet and traditional marketing and sales; cross-cultural communication; regulatory and documentary compliance, logistics management; trade finance; and legal due diligence. Training formats include 2-hour to full day specialized workshops, certificate programs in specific trade functions, credit courses, and customized corporate training. Some modules are offered on-line, both instructor led and self-paced.

The following CITD and CMTAC Training Modules are offered throughout the year (see Events Calendar for dates and places). They can also be customized for individual companies (minimum 10 participants).

Workshop Modules
Introductory Export Workshops

1. Is Exporting for Me? Getting Started: Learn about the benefits, costs and risks of exporting, what it takes to export successfully, how to assess your export potential, set up your export business, conduct market research and get the ongoing help you need to keep you on track.

2. Finding and Entering New Export Markets: Learn how to identify high potential export markets, develop market plans and entry strategies, advertise and promote your products, attract inquiries and leads, find customers, and screen and appoint distributors for ongoing sales.

3. Making Export Sales: Learn how to turn export inquiries into sales, calculate and quote export prices, negotiate terms and invoice buyers, comply with documentary and regulatory requirements, deliver the goods, and get paid.

4. Exporting Across the Multi-Cultural Divide: Learn how cultural differences in many countries can make or break an export sale. Laugh at the blunders made by others. Learn the do's and don'ts for your own situation and what, when and how to adapt.

5. Internet Resources for Exporters: Learn about the incredible resources on the Web to support every phase of the export process, from getting ready to getting paid. Learn how to find just the nuggets you need to be a smarter exporter, pinpoint and assess your best markets, post and search for specific trade leads, close the deal, and finance and deliver the goods. (Live Internet demonstration).

6. Internet Export Marketing: Learn how to market and sell your export goods through the Internet and adapt your Web site for greater impact in culturally diverse markets. Learn about the emerging Web technologies to electronically process trade documents, manage logistics and get paid.

Advanced Export Workshops

1. Export Regulations and Compliance: Learn about the Ten Prohibitions for U.S. exporters, how to know when you do or don't need an export license, and how to get one if you do. Learn about required regulatory documents, including the Shippers Export declaration, and how to fill them out.

2. International Transportation and Logistics: Learn about international air, ocean and inter-modal transportation. Examine how to choose a freight forwarding company, cut transportation costs, make arrangements for transportation and insurance including hazardous materials.

3. International Methods of Payment and Collection: Learn safe and effective methods of collecting money, how to process letters of credits and other instruments, ways to sell more by financing buyers and government loan warranties for exporters, foreign exchange and currency hedging.

4. International Contracts and Law: Learn how doing international business is different from domestic and how exporters can avoid legal pitfalls. Learn how to draft trouble-free international contracts and cover legal implications of various distribution methods. Includes representation agreements up to the establishment of overseas branch offices, ways to identify legal pitfalls and establish scalable business relationships.

Import Workshops

1. Fundamentals of Import: Learn about the basics of import, how to source products overseas, conduct market research and establish U.S. distribution. Case studies highlighted.

2. Import Regulations and Customs Clearances: Examine import regulations, documentation, entry clearance processes, negotiating with U.S. Customs and choosing a customs broker. Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Import.

3. Advanced Import Regulations and Customs Clearances: In-depth examination of dealing with U.S. Customs, pre-authorization of duty rates, selecting correct harmonized product codes and calculating duty rates, discussing country of origin and labeling requirements. Prerequisite: Import Regulations & Customs Clearances.

California-Mexico Trade Assistance Center (CMTAC) Workshops

1. Exporting Your Products to Mexico: Explore strategies on how to increase your sales in the Mexican market. Learn how to find new customers, set up the most beneficial distribution structure, and discuss sales strategy, pricing, promotion and negotiation techniques.

2. Manufacturing and Assembly in Mexico and Latin America: Learn about new opportunities and regulations for offshore production under NAFTA and the Caribbean Basin Initiative. Learn how to use Mexico's Maquiladoras and manage partnerships, logistics, and quality control.

3. Doing Business in Mexico: Learn about regional differences within Mexico, cultural and language differences, travel considerations and negotiation techniques. Identify areas of opportunity and long-term business strategies.

4. Sourcing in Mexico: Learn how to research & locate reputable companies, negotiate prices, control quality and minimize shipping & customs costs. The joint U.S. / Mexico Maquiladora Program, which facilitates trade by reducing customs barriers on Mexican assembled products, will also be discussed.

5. Border familiarization Tours: Get a first hand look at what's involved in doing business in Mexico. This full day tour of Tijuana includes a visit to Mexican Customs and Maquiladora assembly plants, as well as meetings and networking with local government and business leaders.

Import/Export Certificate Series

This Community Education program is jointly offered by El Camino College and the Center for International Trade Development. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded for attending all 3 courses.

1. Global Negotiation & Communication: 2-night workshop for $65 -- Learn how to do business effectively in culturally diverse markets. Topics include concepts of time, gender, dress, greetings, differences in corporate culture and lines of authority, attitudes, proven global negotiation strategies.

2. International Marketing & Sales: 2-night workshop for $65 -- Learn how to find customers worldwide, calculate costs and price goods, find and appoint distributors and agents. Other topics include advertising and promotion, analyzing products, researching markets and more.

3. Global E-Commerce, the Internet & International Trade: Find out how to research international markets on the Web, find and communicate with new clients, use and get listed on foreign search engines, set up an effective international Web site. Other topics include translation services and multilingual Web pages and registering foreign domain names.

4. Fundamentals of Export: Learn the basics of international exporting, documentation, financing, law, payments, sales and lead generation, transportation and logistics.

5. Fundamentals of Import: Learn the fundamentals of importation, sourcing products overseas, market research, establishing U.S. distribution. Case studies highlighted.

6. International Transportation: Learn about int'l air, ocean & intermodal transportation. Examine how to choose a freight-forwarder; cut transportation costs; name arrangements for transportation & insurance including the shipment of hazardous materials.

Credit Courses
To be introduced in 2002-03

Introduction to International Business
Exporting Basics
Importing Basics
International Marketing & Sales
International Trade Information Systems/Sources
Cultural Adaptation in International Business
International Trade Documentation, Financing & Logistics
International Contracts & Law

Customized Corporate Training

· Practical training tailored to needs of large or small companies
· Clients specify issues, requirements, practices and procedures to be covered
· Utilizes topic experts, case studies, tutorial software and Internet to enhance learning

Customized training is tailored to the client's particular needs and interests. The instruction is intensive and heavily job and task oriented. As specified by the client, customized training can range from "how-to" basics of market identification and planning to practical aspects of complying with U.S. and international legal requirements, selecting qualified export representatives; developing contacts and specific trade leads; promoting sales; handling inquiries and requests for quote; filling out export documents; preparing goods for shipment; financing, insuring and delivering the goods and getting paid