Take the Export Readiness Assessment Self-Test

The Export Readiness Assessment self-test may be taken in two different ways for your convenience:

  • Self-Test with Commentary: This test format provides an explanatory comment with each question, followed by detailed customized feedback and score at the end of the session. The comment explains the export implications and significance of the question.
  • Self-Test without Commentary: This fast-test format allows users to answer all questions from one screen, without explanatory comments, and still receive the detailed customized feedback and score at the end of the session.

Step 1: If you are working with a CITD or other Trade Counselor and would like them to recieve a copy of your test results complete and submit the Company Profile, before you take the test. In the company profile, you have the option to enter an e-mail address, indicating to whom you wish to send your results. The Company Profile will not affect the results of your assessment. It is solely for a trade counselor's use in guiding you further.

Step 2: Select the Export Readiness Assessment test mode you prefer - With or Without explanatory comment.

Step 3: Answer all questions and press Submit after the last question.

Step 4: Review your score and detailed customized feedback. You may download or print the results by using either the "save as" or "print" feature in your Web Browser program.

Please Signin before taking the Self-Test