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Export Readiness Assessment
Company Readiness
1. Are you an established presence in your industry domestically?
  Well Known
  Somewhat Known
  Not Well Known
Recognition and acceptance within your industry are important assests in exporting. Foreign buyers need to feel they can rely on and trust their suppliers over the long haul. Unknown suppliers are greater risks than firms with established credentials. If you're already well known and respected domestically, you have a head start. You have a demonstrable, time-tested record of stability, reliability and relevant experience in filling orders, servicing the product, and managing inventory and costs. You'll want to reinforce that image in your overseas promotions. If you're less known or unknown, you'll need to build credibility and confidence that you're worth the risk. You should emphasize customer support in your promotions; consider price and other incentives to attract interest; respond promptly and professionally to inquiries, orders and customer requests for service; and consistently meet delivery expectations.