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Certificate in Import and Export Management
Start Date
Jun 3
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Instructor: Dr. Tekle Sebhatu

544 Water Street
Oakland, CA 94607

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Certificate in Import & Export Management
taught by Dr. Tekle Sebhatu

Every Tuesday from April 22 to June 10
6 PM to 9 PM

Port of Oakland's Exhibit Room
530 Water Street, Oakland, CA 94607

$55 per individual class
OR SAVE when you pre-enroll for all 8 classes: $400*

Importing Sessions
April 22,2008: Import Series-Session I: Import Process
April 29, 2008: Import Series-Session II: Special Customs Requirements
May 6, 2008: Import Series-Session III: Documents and Methods of Payment
May 13, 2008: Import Series-Session IV: Selling Your Imported Product

Exporting Sessions
May 20, 2008: Export Series-Session I: Fundamentals of Exporting
May 27, 2008: Export Series-Session II: Export Documents
June 3, 2008: Export Series-Session III: Export Methods of Payments and Financing
June 10, 2008: Export Series-Session IV: Export Marketing