The Center for International Trade Development (CITD) 20-Hour Keystone program is design to give a company or an individual the knowledge and preparation needed to make competent strategic and operational decisions on initiating or expanding international business activity.


One Two Three Step 20-Hour Keystone Program

A Two-Hour
Consulting Session

The opening two-hour consulting session is designed for discovery and needs assessment. Under certain conditions, the opening session could be held at the your business site. During the opening session the CITD consultant will make training and consulting recommendations based on your business or departmental goals and help you set achievable goals to be completed by the end of the 20-hour program. Our CITD center offers over 500 years of combined experience among all our consultants.

16 Hours of

The Keystone Program consists of four four-hour workshops for a total of 16 hours of hands-on training. Our presenters are experts in their field, and in most cases have 20 or more years of successful practice in their field of expertise. You will be able to select your four Keystone workshops from among 25 or more workshop topics currently available at CITD. Courses range from introductory international business to more advanced topics and activities, such as participation in bi-lateral trade missions. Call (310) 381-0577.

A Two-Hour
One-on-One Wrap-up
Consulting Session

Once you complete your 16 hours of workshops, you will participate in a two-hour one-on-one wrap-up consulting session. The purpose of the wrap-up session is to evaluate your progress and to see you have arrived at the goal or goals you set for yourself in the opening consulting session. Completing the Keystone Program opens the door to all other CITD personalized services.

Call (310) 381-0577 to find out how to participate!

Benefits to Participants of the 20-Hour Keystone Program
  • Receive a completion certificate from El Camino College
  • Eligibility to select from 25 or more hands-on workshops offered by CITD
  • Eligibility to receive additional one-on-one consulting
  • Participate in our quick and easy Global E-commerce Internet sales development program
Program Cost

CITD workshops and consulting are government funded. There is a nominal fee for the costs of materials, which you get to keep. The Keystone 20-Hour Program cost of materials is $89.00. After completing the Keystone Program you may register for additional standard four-hour workshops for $35 each, for the cost of materials. The cost of extraordinary seminars and other special events are priced on a case by cases basis. CITD services are subject to availability and are dispensed on a first-come first-served basis. Scheduled events may be changed or cancelled without previous notice. Please confirm availability at least one day in advance. Call (310) 381-0577 for more information.